• Adeyeye O. Ayomide

      Adeyeye O. AyomideC.E.O.

      He has worked selflessly with his team for several years as a major team player…

    • Emudiaga Oyiboakpo

      Emudiaga OyiboakpoManager

      Mr. Mudi is a bold and highly sophisticated leader with vast experience in customer relation…

    • Umukoro O. Jeffrey

      Umukoro O. JeffreySecretary

      JEFFERY has been a dedicated staff of Olaadex International Services for several years…

We work hard at maximising individual potential providing employees a second work environment in which they flourish. Our culture is focused on high performance; emphazing integrity, creativity, efficiency and work/life balance. A fundamental belief in our people and their abilities continues to be the key to our success.


  • "Gold is where you find it, according to an old adage, but judging from the record of our experience, oil must be sought first of all in our minds."

    Wallace Pratt, (1885–1981)
  • "My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil."

    Jean Paul Getty
    Oil Magnate


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